Imagination unfolds and creativity is likely to flourish

during the final phase of the lunar cycle called the eighth moon.

Illuminating brands.

Eight Moon™ is a full-service and award-winning Minnesota creative design and marketing firm with 25 years of successful brand, promotional and advertising work. We offer bold graphic design and full-service creative, including a wide range of branding, positioning and marketing services. Our goal is simple: to illuminate the value of our clients’ businesses and brands. We start by understanding their universe. We create visual concepts that resonate, positioning that shines and results that are simply out of this world.

Over 25 years of stellar creative and still shining brightly.

In 2019, the Eight Moon™ name was launched. The rebrand came eight years after President, Megan Junius bought Peter Hill Design from her mentor. With design still at our core, we have now boldly taken off into full-service creative.

our work

Imagine what we’ll create together.

Honored with over 40 design industry awards in the past 10 years.


#HappyHalloween from the Eight Moon™ team!
Welcome Emmi Brytowski, graphic designer, to the Eight Moon team! Emmi joined us early this fall and already has made our universe brighter with her shining creative mind.

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Eight Moon™ worked with @saintthomasmoreschool to brighten up their busy cafeteria with playful signage designed to showcase the various activities and academic subjects offered. Thank you to @1igprint for their help with printing and installation! 

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Our President & Creative Director, Megan Junius, was recently featured as a Voyage Minnesota “Rising Star.” Check out her interview linked on our website to learn more about what makes Eight Moon™ shine. ✨ 


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If you looked to the sky last night you saw October's full moon—the #HuntersMoon. This moon signals the time to hunt in preparation for the cold winter ahead. Animals are fattening up for winter, and we're fattening our workload. 😉 Reach out to discuss your upcoming winter plans!

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Typographers of the world rejoice! Today, we celebrate our favorite fun & functional, curly & quirky little character on #AmpersandDay. 
Did you know...
- The ampersand is a ligature of “e” & “t”? That’s “et” in Latin, meaning “and”?
- It used to be the 27th letter in the alphabet? 

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Our superstar President and Creative Director was recently profiled in @tcbmag Notable Women Entrepreneurs feature. 🤩 Congratulations Megan!
Tonight, the full moon of July, popularly known as the Buck Moon, will streak over the planet’s skies. It is the supermoon that comes closest to Earth, so you will see it shining bright and big! 🦌 🌕
We 💚 our non-profit clients. Check out the recent annual report done for @thegoodacrem. Cheers to another year of growing! 

Full report can be found at
Wishing you a joyful and safe Fourth of July from all of us at Eight Moon™! ✨ #illuminatingbrands
Today's Summer Solstice marks the longest day and shortest night of the year. Summer has begun! ☀️ 😎